Race Finder Saved Searches

Searches on the Race Finder can be saved for personal and/or public use in the future. After completing a Search, fill out Search Name and Save Search to view on Saved Searches page. Below, you will always be able to find the a link to reload the exact search in the Race Finder or to set it as your default search for the Race Finder.

Why Predicteform.com?

You know how your horse ran last time out, but Predicteform's Pace Figures and Form Cycle Patterns can tell you how your horse will run today.

Predicteform knows when your horse could be sitting on a big and improved race or when it is likely to regress. Predicteform has multiple Pace Figure numbers at the key points of a race to tell you which horses can take the lead and last.

Predicteform Pace Figures include proprietary pattern symbols specifically designed to indicate improvement or regression, from second time starters to experienced claimers, Maidens to Graded Stakes. There is no additional research required. Discover the power of Form Cycle Patterns at Predicteform.com.