Finger Lakes Notes (06/28/22)

Race 1 | Dirt | 8.3F

#3 Front Porch – Double NPTs and most compression of field, Single.

Race 2 | Dirt | 8.3F

#1 Stay Home Mama – Needs to improve off needed race but 70h/65 last November is a foundational running line that would give this one good position+finish against this group for a very slight upset.

#3 Empire Trolley – Showed more late speed than others in last with a recent 64/63 running line no others can match other than the #1 beating that last November.

Race 3 | Dirt | 6F

#5 Brockmoninoff – big 83h/62h NPT which can produce a much improved Final Figure here if he settles in as the next closest 4F from the field is 6 points slower.

#3 Stormy New York – Winner of the lay-off now back to trip where he set a 75/65h last November. A running line that looks like a good stalking trip and more than competitive against this field for a good-looking 5/1 morning line if that price sticks.

#6 Bosship – has been durable racing back often in this long campaign but a big uptick to trigger a DTOP could be a regression spot so let's try and beat leaving out this 2/1 morning line for value.

Race 4 | Dirt | 8.3F

#1 Black Irish – Comes out of a very slow pace with the 52h 4F Pace a great amount slower than what these others will prompt today. The sprint running lines that came prior are not overly-impressive in regard to this field either and could be a good one to try and beat here as morning line favorite.

#2 Pascal – suddenly woke up 2nd off the break for new high-percentage trainer with 64h/67 slightly best in PPs. Can easily show back up again today to win 13 days right back.

#6 Go Cash Go (SCR) – lots of advantageous 4F splits set at this spin with some competitive Finals when not dueled out of it. Should include.

Race 5 | Dirt | 5.5F

#1 Don't Eatthe Apple – Contentious race from a 4F split perspective with most of the field within a couple points of each other. These are the spots you're either looking for compression to come on late and take the race when the speed fades…or the speed of the speed to just go early and hurt everyone's else confidence. This is the only runner with consistent 90+ 2F Figures in history and if feeling good 2nd off the break, can fire from the rail and steal.

#3 Beyondelle – Now that we have our speed angle covered, let's cover a compression base. This one can rebound with a recent +7 spread at 5 furlongs, a spot most of the field is running closer to +10 spreads. Also has foundation from November when victorious on a +4 spread after a REV Pattern.

Race 6 | Dirt | 5.5F

#2 Who Is Jarett – any horse off the long break but has the best 4F/6F turnbacks from routes and last sprint at 77h/67 NPT would be right there today. Strong jockey/trainer combo and work tab littered with bullets.

#5 Isabella's Magic – Not one to be trusted for consistency but if you have the budget to throw on ticket, he does own the fastest running line of this field which came for today's trainer at highest odds he ran at for this barn and could be geared up first off the long lay-off.

#6 Evrybodyluvsnorman (SCR) – Love the development of last year conditioning through multiple NPTs and a DTOP before needing a break. Goes 2nd off the break in 13 days from a respectable 72/64 here and looks like a good favorite if he takes the money.

Race 7 | Dirt | 8.3F

#4 Candyrock – Sprint tries are more improved and compressed coming off a +4.6 dirt spread here that can translate well to a stretch out back to two turns.

#5 Beta – should be a short price but hard to knock off such a strong running line. The DTOP is often a regressive spot when part of a campaign, but since it came off a long lay-off, it could simply be the start of new and exciting condition.

#6 Royal Suspect – has a sudden case of late speed now showing mathematically negative dirt spreads in last two races, something not seen before. Can pick up the pieces late if opportunity presents itself.

Race 8 | Dirt | 6F

#1 Dutchmen Forever (SCR) – Coming in off some nice compression and one that would be a certain threat late with the right set-up right along with the #7.

#2 Synonym B C – Hasn't been very durable failing to string races together thus far but the 73/68h last November when almost beating winners first time facing shows good stalking speed with compression to pounce late. Well laid off could be any horse here and feel like this is the type of runner the tote board is going to tell you his current condition.

#4 Acalteque – one to consider with a couple different examples of advantageous 4F splits in past and could look to steal here. Hasn't seen a fast-rated track in a bit.

#5 Litterbox – NYRA invader prompted a CPT in last and now they want him back in 16 days, a good sign for solid condition. Question as to whether the barn switch and new training regimen will keep the good form cycle pattern going or throw it off though.

#7 Trappe The Dream – very compressed at 66/65h sprinting off break and should be looking to make one big run late here if flow up front is contentious.

#8 Up For Adventure – Figures to draw money for high-percentage connections but faces winners here where most can match the 4F flow. Best runs came when having an advantage against maidens so might be an underlay and a toss here.


[EDIT] Results: If you used all suggested runners (after scratches) in Late Pick 5, ticket would have cost $24 and returned $145. Race winners have been underlined above.


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